LPGA Amateur Golf Association New York City offers two leagues each golf season:

The 9-Hole League is geared for those who don't have a handicap and may have limited on-course playing experience.

The 18-Hole League is for more advanced players who have a handicap and are looking to play on a regular basis. 

  • No Maximum Handicap Requirement - you must have a handicap established to register for the 18-hole league, however, there is no maximum cutoff as in the past.
  • Traveling League - means we alternate courses each week throughout the tri-state area.  Courses though will repeat throughout the season, just not in a row.
  • Substitutions - we have a great substitute program!  If you want to play and know a date or two won’t work, not to worry as we always have a large substitute list and it’s easy to do!
  • Transportation: Those with cars have been generous and will accommodate as many riders as there is room. Occasionally though there may not be enough drivers so please realize that you may need to work with others in the league to lease a car for the day.
  • Costs - we are cost sensitive and will try to keep the cost of the rounds as reasonable as possible.
  • Competitive - we host some sort of friendly competition each week to make it fun.  So bring your competitive spirit!